Sunday, November 9, 2008

November, 09, 2008

Well, this was supposed to be an everyday diary type deal but it has not worked out that way.

I am recovering after a diagnosis of pneumonia. I have been coughing for over a month now but just the other day, Wednesday 11/05, I got sick at work and had to go home. I went to the doctor Thursday morning and was given the diagnosis and went home for the rest of the day. She wanted me to take off Friday but I had too much work and no time off. It is Sunday now, the cough still persists, but I do feel better.

Vikki is battling the cough now. She made soup today - Ah! Her wonderful miracle drug of a soup - Tasty and life-giving. She is still working around the house and baking a cake too. What a wonderful wife. I will have to be sure to give her a nice foot rub later.

Sam chose today to go out and get a job raking leaves. I don't trust that he will do a good enough job to deserve getting paid for it. I hope he does well. I can't get out there and help him in my condition. I'm lucky to be upright.

The Colts are playing the Steelers right now. It is not looking good so far. 14-7 and we just went 3-and-out again.

The pugs are expressing there displeasure. It might be the game or it could be that they just want to make noise. I don't know.

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